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About Us

Shandell Marea Warren
   Licensed Massage Practitioner
        Owner, Ocean Spirit Massage is Now Hiring Nationwide 

Shandell was born to be a massage therapist, singer, teacher, writer, poet, dancer, actress and true healer through all the arts, but mainly through mass-age and singing as healing harmonics.  She was only three when she began giving foot massage to her mother.  Being encouraging through the gift of word, song, acting out the inspiration of spirit while Shandell was learning how to sing from her mother who was performing in a band.  Ever since, Shandell has been moved to heal through touch, word, voice, dance and act as she believes deeply in the healing power of touch and the arts, as a power that starts with the individual and then moves through them into their life and community as a whole, healed person. 

Deeply involved in athletics during high school, Shandell began to realize the negative effects of competition and the negative effects upon the body, mind and spirit keeping each other at arms length instead of holding and healing as strength, where all win as a collective team.  While assisting the high school sports massage therapist and couches with massaging team mates before and after games, Shandell witnessed the positive effects of massage first hand.  Due to her passion, thoughtfulness, and healing touch, she was involved in taking her team to State her Junior year and was asked her senior year to step in as the sole sports therapist, which took her teams to contend in two more State championship tournaments. The power of healing touch, song, dance, exercise, word can do for all as the whole self and world as a team.   

Shandell has been a licensed Massage Professional for over 13 years, 6 in Montana and over 7 years in the Seattle, Puget Sound region where she was licensed and educated and now has expanded the oceanic healing touch of Ocean Spirit Massage Nationally to Montana's Helena and Bozeman surrounding areas. 

Therapists hired by Ocean Spirit Massage are talented and compassionate, treated like gold and are compensated the most fair related to our profession and level of expertise and experience.  Shandell's team is going National by continuing the healing of touch to one another and to our client's as a school and healing team.  Success and wealth come with health from body, mind and spirit in balance.  For we are the people and the government who truly do govern our own health, and rely on no other government or corporation to do so as the governing state itself funding a state of being not just mind, but with body, mind and spirit in companion with and not against as that would be against itself.   


We are always looking to expand our reach so we will be adding other professions and practitioners such as: Dance instructors, Spiritual Teachers,  Qi Gong, Yoga, and nutritionist, natural paths, acupuncturists, doctors for a healing center and of course massage therapists.  Contact us for more details. 

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Hear what some of our clients have to say:


"She truly has the gift of touch.  I have had many massages and Shandell is among the very best I have ever experienced."  JD

"Her energy work and healing is powerful, soothing, and calming."  SS

"Without Shandell I would be in chronic pain all week from my heart attack.  Her treatments allow my neck to move freely and for me to sleep."  KG

"I am always excited to schedule my next appointment.  It is something I look forward to all week."  MD

"Shandell is a true healer."  JR

"Just after my encounter with Ocean Spirit Massage it was announced that I made it to Nationals for my Carroll college track team."  ES

"Ocean Spirit Massage truly cares for their clients, from their touch to classes, ceremony and concerts all contain the goal of spirit and soul being heard and felt"  SC


 Appointments available daily from 9AM to 8PM
after 8pm $20 extra charge

Mobile/Travel: Serving general Helena and Bozeman, MT area
   Office: Helena's Atlas Building in the walking mall, and Bozeman's surrounding areas 

7 N. Last Chance Gulch
Helena, Mt 59601

Bozeman, Mt.
and surroundings areas

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