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Massage, the healing arts, as well as art itself is a powerful tool for healing.  Our bodies function more fully after a massage, via connection, the art of healthy eating and exercise that heals not stresses the body.  We are able to be more fully awake and engaged in our world with massage and the other healing tools Ocean Spirit Massage has to offer.  Ocean Spirit Massage integrates body, mind, and spirit, creating a solid framework for over all well-being with massage, Qi Gong exercise, Food Healing, Yoga, spiritual teaching and many more classes.  After a session many clients report they feel more connected to their bodies, to others, and to the planet as a whole for a more functional life and well being.

The ocean is a great inspiration for us at Ocean Spirit Massage.  Our bodies and earth are mostly water, a creative force.  Water is the essence of life, holds oxygen, spirit, which is needed to live, have energy to create our lives.  We apply these metaphors in our work, working with the waves and cycles of the body to enhance a natural healing process beyond just massage enabling free creative expression unhindered by the pains and dysfunctions the body can have as healed and healing.  Our work is rhythmic, purposeful, and follows an intentional cycle to produce a healing shift in the body and our world.

We are dedicated to healing the world... one massage, art, word, dance, exercise, breath, drink, teaching, and song at a time.  Come be apart of the healing by becoming a member of our healing team as a member, client and or Practitioner, doctor, therapist, teacher, artist, etc.    

Ocean Spirit Massage offers gift certificates, punch cards, monthly member specials for massage, exercise, spiritual, dance classes and ceremonies.  Our packages specials make excellent gifts for loved ones and self for a continuation of healing from spirit, world and body as a whole, together.

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Qi Gong/Food Healing Appointments available 8am Monday to Weday, 6pm Thursday to Saturday
Massage Appointments available daily 9AM to 10PM after 10pm additional charges apply

(406) 417-0542
Mobile/Travel: Serving general Helena, Bozeman, MT area
Office: Helena's Atlas Building, serving general Bozeman area
Ocean Spirit Massage at The Atlas
7 N. Last Chance Gulch
Helena, Mt 59601
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